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Novaworks has provided software for SEC compliance to a wide range of clients for over a decade. From large financial printers to smaller filing agents, from public corporations to mutual funds and individual registrants, the GoFiler Suite has a solution to fit your reporting needs.

A main focus of the GoFiler Suite is to complement whatever work processes are currently in place at your organization. GoFiler is a “last mile” solution, so you can be secure in knowing that your workflow doesn’t have to change.

How It Works

  • GoFiler imports data from numerous sources and allows conversion from all common data formats, including .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, and .pdf. Entire documents can be converted in seconds, or data can be pasted into an existing document and converted piecemeal.
  • Data is automatically formatted for EDGAR with additional validation available to verify that documents are compliant with SEC standards. GoFiler handles highly stylized documents and creates well‑formed HTML for annual reports, proxy materials, prospectuses, and other continuing disclosures.
  • Information in databases can be brought directly into XML EDGAR forms like N‑PX, N‑PORT, N‑MFP3 and 13F. Custom templates and scripts using Legato can also be implemented to maximize efficiency.
  • XBRL and inline XBRL reports can be created in a fraction of the time as other software, using our patented XBRL Data Exchange (or XDX) technology. This technology directly embeds XBRL intelligence into your HTML document and then translates your entire document to inline XBRL when you’re ready to file.

GoFiler’s powerful editing tools allow you to make changes easily without needing to return to a source document or external application. All of our powerful tools are designed with flexibility and ease of use in mind.


  • EDGAR XML submission data is laid out in simple yet robust forms with various tools to add, delete, and edit your data.
  • HTML documents can be stylized or authored directly in our Page View editor, which renders the document as it would appear in the browser. HTML and inline XBRL can be managed in an interface that looks and acts like a word processor.
  • XBRL tagging is handled through our patented XBRL Data Exchange (XDX) technology. XDX adds XBRL intelligence to an HTML document to allow for faster, easier editing. You have the power to select the elements to use or create extensions to tag data in your reports.
  • Validation and proofing streamline your review process with tools to check your work every step of the way to an EDGAR‑accepted filing.

Submission to the SEC is secure from your desktop to the EDGAR system. There’s no middle man or cloud server standing in between you and compliance.


  • Users can perform an unlimited number of TEST and LIVE filings for an unlimited number of CIKs.
  • EDGAR acceptance messages are downloaded to your computer so you can read messages direct from EDGAR. Multiple users can share a local mailbox so they can see others’ filings and messages.
  • Documents and submissions remain on your secure network until they are transmitted to the EDGAR system. Documents are never stored outside of your IT framework.
  • Filing is handled through a secure and encrypted connection directly to the EDGAR system.
  • For filers who prefer cloud solutions, we offer GoFiler Online, a SAAS option that harnesses the power of the cloud with the tools available in our desktop software.

With a wide range of forms and features, the original GoFiler is our Number 1 EDGAR software solution.

Ideal For: Public corporations, mutual funds, filing agents, law firms

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Create, manage and submit EDGAR filings online using an innovative combination of cloud technologies and desktop software.

Ideal For: Individual registrants, public corporations, investment management companies

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Employ superior software designed strictly for filing Form 13F-HR, SCHEDULE 13D/G, and Form 13H.

Ideal For: Investment companies, large traders, filing agents

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Use fast, powerful and secure software for Section 16 reporting.

Ideal For: Individual registrants, filing agents, law firms

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Work on your Form D and D/A filings locally and reliably at anytime with easy-to-use software that creates, edits, validates and files.

Ideal For: Corporations, filing agents, law firms

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Create and file Forms MA, MA-A and MA-I using fast, secure software

Ideal For: Municipal advisers

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Generate XBRL reports using US GAAP, IFRS, ECD, OEF, CEF, and other SEC taxonomies for use in EDGAR filings.

Ideal For: Corporations, funds, filing agents

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EDGAR Compliance Tools


As part of our commitment to help EDGAR filers satisfy the requirements of the SEC, we’ve developed free tools to help filers navigate data on the EDGAR archive. Meeting EDGAR compliance requirements is easier with the right tools.

The SEC Exhibit Explorer is a simple program that runs from your computer and network with no installation needed. Using the SEC Exhibit Explorer, you can look up an EDGAR CIK to explore and create the hyperlinks to the EDGAR Archive necessary for your exhibit index.

The SEC Hyperlinking Rule

  • Registrants that file statements and reports subject to the exhibit requirements under Item 601 of Regulation S-K or Forms F-10 and 20-F are required to include a hyperlink to each exhibit listed in the exhibit index of those filings.
  • Hyperlinks are links from an HTML file or document to another location that can be activated by clicking on the hyperlink text.
  • Hyperlinks within the exhibit index must link to the exhibit location on the SEC’s EDGAR Archive.

The program will create an EDGAR filing index for any CIK and download the filings that were accepted by EDGAR for that CIK. You can explore each filing to locate exhibits and use the program to generate the hyperlink code for a document. Once created, the hyperlink can be added to your filing using GoFiler or any equivalent HTML software.

Our SEC Extractor is a simple program that extracts the documents and form data from the SEC’s PDS files (and from legacy “return copy” files that were provided by the EDGAR system). Having this helpful utility means you can save time by downloading only one file from the EDGAR archive and then using the Extractor to unpack the contents of that submission into the separate documents that were filed.

About the SEC PDS File
  • After a public LIVE filing has been accepted and disseminated by EDGAR, it becomes available in the EDGAR filing archive.
  • When viewing a filing on the archive, filers and consumers can open and/or download documents and data files individually.
  • The PDS file is a special file with the .txt extension that contains data about the filing as well as the contents of each document in the filing.
  • The SEC Extractor can take that PDS file and use it to extract the entire filing and all of its documents into separate files on your local computer or network.

Research filings and create links to meet the SEC Hyperlinking requirements for your exhibit index.

Ideal For: Filing agents, law firms, public corporations, mutual funds

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Extract entire EDGAR filings and every document in the submission from the SEC “return copy” file.

Ideal For: Anyone

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