Streamline your compliance with GoFiler.

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Streamline your compliance with GoFiler.

Now you can do everything using just one solution. GoFiler Complete converts to ASCII, HTML, and XBRL; edits and files Section 16 ownership documents; creates and edits ABS-EE data files; and creates and files EDGAR XML forms.

It’s the only EDGAR software you’ll ever need.
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Cost and flexibility are just two reasons why you should choose GoFiler over the competition. Download a free guide to learn how GoFiler can complement your compliance process.

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HTML Conversion
  • Open documents from Word and Excel to automatically convert to EDGAR HTML
  • Open and zone PDF documents for PDF to HTML conversion
  • Use powerful tools for versatile document editing, including an array of table tools to align financials and create consistent styling
  • Employ a built-in SEC exhibit linker to index and add crucial hyperlinking for the SEC filing exhibit list
  • Validate against the EDGAR Filer Manual with additional checks for cross-browser compatibility
XBRL and Inline XBRL Support
  • Create reports using all SEC-approved taxonomies, including US GAAP, IFRS, RR, ECD, FFD, OEF, VIP, and CEF
  • Automatic wizards create presentations for all levels of tagging as required by the EDGAR Filer Manual
  • Automated tools tag cover page data and other disclosures
  • Validate against the EDGAR Filer Manual with additional checks for the XBRL US Data Quality Committee rules
  • Preview your reports on your local computer or network using managed SEC XBRL preview tools
EDGAR Submission
  • Fill out EDGAR form data and work on each filing from your own computer or network
  • Transmit filings to EDGAR securely with tools to track acceptances and retrieve messages from the EDGAR System
  • Validate against the EDGAR Filer Manual with error-checking for each document/exhibit attached to the filing
  • File all EDGARLink Online forms
  • Schedule filings for automatic submission using our Novaworks Submission Service (NSS) utility
  • Create new submissions or open filings previously submitted to EDGAR
  • Edit data using a simple click and type interface with on-screen validation
  • Import complex information like portfolio data and security tables from external databases or previous filings
  • Proof each filing to HTML or PDF
  • Support for the following EDGAR forms, any derivative forms, and their amendments: C, D, N-MFP2, N-CEN, N-PORT, 13F-HR, 13F-NT, 24F-2NT, Regulation A, MA, X-17A-5, TA-1, TA-2
  • Limit users’ access to critical or sensitive functions like LIVE EDGAR filing by protecting features via Windows User Account controls
  • Set up and track tasks across an entire organization
  • Create project defaults for work flow, proofing and styling so every filing has a clean, consistent look
  • Schedule filings automatically with e-mail notifications to alert all parties about a filing’s status
Industry-Leading Customer Service
  • Call Monday-Friday, 9-6 Eastern for immediate help from one of our experts
  • Partner with a development team that truly listens to and addresses the needs of clients with monthly updates to improve tools, add new features, and correct issues
  • Same-day updates to correspond to new releases of the EDGAR System and a rapid response to unexpected SEC changes
  • Emergency 24/7 support offered as a service

The GoFiler software package has three levels of features, so you can choose the software that best fits your filing needs. All software runs on the Windows operating system and requires Internet access only during installation, updates and when filing to the EDGAR system.

Software can be run on a local computer or from a network location. It can also be installed on a terminal server.


  GoFiler Lite GoFiler GoFiler Complete
EDGAR Submission

Manage all EDGARLink Online EDGAR forms:

  • Create new filings or open previous submissions or .EIS files
  • Validate form data and documents for compliance with the EDGAR Filer Manual
  • Proof form data and documents to HTML and PDF
  • Securely submit Test and Live filings
HTML Conversion

Supports conversion from:

  • Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Adobe InDesign
  • PDF
  • Other HTML software
HTML Editing

Edit HTML documents in an environment similar to a word processor with tools to:

  • Automatically insert and update page numbers, headers and footers
  • Align and style tables
  • Search the EDGAR archives for filings to automatically add linking for exhibits
XBRL and Inline XBRL Support

Create and edit EDGAR compliant reports for:

  • Risk/Return
  • IFRS
  • RXP
  • OEF, CEF, and VIP
  • ECD
  • FFD
Section 16

Create documents and submissions for Forms 3, 4 and 5:

  • Create new filings or import data from previous submissions
  • Create and edit ownership documents with tools to import from CSV, Excel, HTML and previous filings
  • Proof to HTML and PDF
  • Securely submit Test and Live filings

Create, edit and file the following forms:

  • Regulation A: 1-A, 1-A/A, 1-A-W, 1-A-W/A, 1-A POS, 1-K, 1-K/A, 1-SA,1-SA/A, 1-U, 1-U/A, 1-Z, 1-Z/A, 1-Z-W, 1-Z-W/A, 253G1, 253G2, 253G3, 253G4, DOS, DOS/A, DOSLTR
  • Regulation Crowdfunding: C, C/A, C/A-W, C-AR, C-AR/A, C-AR-W, C-AR-W/A, C-TR, C-TR-W, C-U, C-U-W, C-W
  • Regulation D: D, D/A
  • Beneficial Ownership: SCHEDULE 13D, SCHEDULE 13D/A, SCHEDULE 13G, SCHEDULE 13G/A
  • Large Trader: 13H, 13H-A, 13H-Q, 13H-I, 13H-T, 13H-R
  • Institutional Manager: 13F-HR, 13F-HR/A, 13F-NT, 13F-NT/A
  • Municipal Adviser: MA, MA/A, MA-A, MA-I, MA-I/A, MA-W
  • Security-based Swap Data Repository: SDR, SDR/A, SDR-A, SDR-W
  • Broker-dealer: 17HACON, 17HACON/A, 17HQCON, 17HQCON/A, X-17A-5, X-17A-5/A
  • Transfer Agent: TA-1, TA-1/A, TA-2, TA-2/A, TA-W
  • Money Market Fund: N-MFP2, N-MFP2/A, N-MFP3, N-MFP3/A
  • Other XML Forms and Exhibits: 144, 144/A, 24F-2NT, 24F-2NT/A, ABS-EE, SDR

Work with your team members in a collaborative environment:

  • Create default settings to use for every user in your enterprise
  • Assign tasks, track progress and send messages
  • Lock access to critical functions using simple passwords or Windows User Account Control




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