Take the stress out of XBRL with GoXBRL.

GoFiler Online

Take the stress out of XBRL with GoXBRL.

GoXBRL creates and edits XBRL reports for all taxonomies supported by the SEC. GoXBRL has all the tools you need to make informed decisions during the element selection process and validates your report against the EDGAR Filer Manual and the XBRL US Data Quality rules. You can feel confident in the quality of your data when you use GoXBRL.

The transition to GoXBRL is fast and easy. An intuitive interface backed by unparalleled support guarantees that you can be up and running with GoXBRL quickly.

You can reduce the time and stress of XBRL reporting with GoXBRL.
Cracking Inline XBRL

Our patented XDX technology bridges the gap between XBRL structured data and traditional publishing formats. Download a free white paper to learn more about our approach to XBRL.

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XBRL Support
  • Create reports using all SEC-approved taxonomies, including US GAAP, IFRS, RR, ECD, RXP, FFD, OEF, VIP, and CEF
  • Employ built in tools for handling HTML to xHTML conversion for block tagging
  • Automatic wizards create presentations for all levels of tagging as required by the EDGAR Filer Manual
  • Validate against the EDGAR Filer Manual with additional checks for the XBRL US Data Quality Committee rules
Inline XBRL Support
  • Use our patented XDX technology to add XBRL intelligence to standard HTML documents
  • Automatically create the Inline XBRL reports for EDGAR filings with support for all SEC taxonomies
  • Explore inline XBRL documents with clear representation when HTML data has been marked with XBRL tagging
  • Validate against the EDGAR Filer Manual with additional checks for the XBRL US Data Quality Committee rules
XDX Technology
  • Patented technology embeds XBRL data directly into an HTML document to enable users to more easily and accurately tag XBRL facts
  • Wizards and tools help you select elements and contexts with additional tools for footnotes, revisions, redaction, and more
  • Use functions to automatically tag cover page data and other disclosures
  • Validate XDX documents for EDGAR compliance before exporting as XBRL or inline XBRL
Industry-Leading Customer Service
  • Call Monday-Friday, 9-6 Eastern for immediate help from one of our experts
  • Partner with a development team that truly listens to and addresses the needs of clients with monthly updates to improve tools, add new features, and correct issues
  • Seamless updates to correspond to new releases of the EDGAR System and a rapid response to unexpected SEC changes that are downloaded automatically when you launch the software
  • Emergency 24/7 support offered as a service

GoXBRL is a software package with an annual renewal to continue to receive new taxonomies and updates. Purchasing GoXBRL entitles you to a full year of updates, including taxonomy releases that occur within the covered year. All software runs on the Windows operating system and requires Internet access during installation, updates, upon running and when filing to the EDGAR system.

Software can be run on a local computer or from a network location. It can also be installed on a terminal server.





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