Seamlessly integrate Form 13F compliance with Go13.

GoFiler Online

Seamlessly integrate Form 13F compliance with Go13.

With a tool that can integrate with any data management or recordkeeping system by providing your financial reporting team with options to import virtually any type of data, you no don’t have to worry about compliance.

Go13 has tools to manage compliance for Form 13F-HR, SCHEDULE 13D/G, and large trader forms (13H), all supported by flexible and powerful import tools.

Import, validate and file. Three simple steps to SEC compliance.
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GoFiler Online supports filing 13F, 13H, and SCHEDULE 13D/G submissions via a cloud software solution. GoFiler Online is free to try. You can create an account, try the software, save your submissions and enjoy all the features GoFiler Online has to offer under your free trial.

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13F Support
  • Edit the form data and the information table in one file with tools to import data from external sources like CSV, Excel or previous filings
  • Validate, merge and filter information table entries by CUSIP with additional tools to look up CUSIPs and titles
  • Error-check and proof your submission to PDF and HTML
  • File securely to the EDGAR System with tools to collect acceptance messages
  • Support for 13F-HR, 13F-HR/A, 13F-NT and 13F-NT/A
SCHEDULE 13D/G Support
  • Edit the form and EDGAR submission data in a simple edit window that renders the XML information as a form
  • Import data from external sources like text, CSV, Excel or previous filings
  • Error-check and proof your submission to PDF and HTML
  • File securely to the EDGAR System with tools to collect acceptance messages
  • During the transition to XML, continue to use our easy templates to create documents for Forms SC 13D and SC 13G
13H Support
  • Edit form data in a simple interface where you simply click on a field to enter information with on-screen highlighting to identify required fields
  • Import tools load data from previous EDGAR filings or from CSV files
  • Validate filings and exhibit documents for compliance with the EDGAR Filer Manual and for acceptance by the EDGAR System
  • File by sending your submission securely to EDGARLink Online
  • Support for 13H, 13H-A, 13H-I, 13H-Q, 13H-R and 13H-T
Industry-Leading Customer Service
  • Call Monday-Friday, 9-6 Eastern for immediate help from one of our experts
  • Partner with a development team that truly listens to and addresses the needs of clients with monthly updates to improve tools, add new features, and correct issues
  • Seamless updates to correspond to new releases of the EDGAR System and a rapid response to unexpected SEC changes that are downloaded automatically when you launch the software
  • Emergency 24/7 support offered as a service

Go13 is a subscription software package. All software runs on the Windows operating system and requires Internet access during installation, updates, upon running and when filing to the EDGAR system.

Software can be run on a local computer or from a network location. It can also be installed on a terminal server.





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